Pile Coordinates

Pile Coordinate App to extract and schedule the X, Y, Z and Easting and Northing Coordinates from “Structural Column and Structural Foundation | Pile”.


Pile Coordinate

The app extends the standard Autodesk® Revit® family “Structural Column/Pile” and “Structural Foundation” category to add a schedulable parameter which holds X, Y and Z or Easting and Northing coordinates values.
Under the “Category Selection” group, select “Structural Column” or “Structural foundation/pile” and click OK.

Structural Column

Structural Column Property

Structural Foundaction/Pile

Structural Foundaction/Pile Property


App Description

The application has been designed to publish X, Y and Z coordinates to Structural Column and Structural Foundation/Pile object categories and store these within the objects instance properties. In the case of nested objects like piles with pile cap each nested object will be populated with X, Y and Z coordinates.

Each time when updating the location of the objects re-run the app to get the updated coordinate to the parameter file.



This app is fully functional for 15 days of trial period.

AUD $99 for one standalone licence and the licence is machine specific. One license is for one version only and one license can install only on one machine. This licensing system will not support network license.